Export Certified Packaging

Export Certified Packaging

Springfield Lumber manufactures custom crates and boxes that comply with all international shipping regulations. With our expertise in export packaging, you can be assured that your valuable items will proceed rapidly to their international destination.


When valuable items need to shipped overseas, the crates and boxes holding those items need to be treated according to a set of regulations intended to prevent the spread of pests. These rules are strict and it is essential that you work with a knowledgeable packager to follow best practices for international shipping. If there are any mistakes or miscommunications, items that have been shipped around the world can be destroyed, delayed, turned back, or forced to make very expensive last minute adjustments.


Springfield Lumber has decades of experience creating custom international shipping crates and boxes that follow export packaging regulations. We are well-versed in the ISPM-15 rules and regulations that govern international shipping. We have a vast supply of dimensional lumber that can be used for international packaging and we are able to mark the crates in ways that enable them to easily clear ports of entry.



ISPM-15 Standards


ISPM-15 is a standard developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to treat solid wood materials used to ship products internationally. It governs all wood packaging material (wood pallets, wood crates, wood dunnage, etc) used for export packaging, requiring that they be heat treated or fumigated with methyl bromide and marked with a seal of compliance. This seal of compliance is often referred to as the “bug stamp.” 




Springfield Lumber is well suited to meet all international shipping regulations.

All lumber purchased by Springfield Lumber for export crating meets or exceeds the ISPM-15 standard for heat treatment requirements for export shipments containing Solid Wood Packaging Material (SWPM). We can apply our ISPM-15 compliant “IPPC-HT” stamp to any of our wood crates, boxes and pallets specified for export packaging.

  • The markings must be within a rectangular border with a vertical line separating the IPPC logo from the identifying data.
  • The border lines may be solid or broken; and the corners may be rounded.
  • XX– indicates a two letter ISO country code
  • OOOO– the next series of letters/numbers is the unique identification mark of the wood treatment agent or packaging manufacturer. The number of letters or digits may vary according to each country.
  • The country code and treatment agent or manufacturer code must be separated by a hyphen.
  • YY– This indicates the type of treatment, and will either be HT (Heat Treatment) or MB (Methyl Bromide).

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Export Certified Packaging

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