Specialty Items

Springfield Lumber’s strength lies in its ability and versitility in the manufacturing of pallets and crates.

Using only the finest plywoods, rough native hard and softwoods, and utility-grade lumber, Springfield Lumber can create a pallete or crate for your specific needs.

Here’s an example of a custom built crate job from Springfield Lumber.

Who said a pallet has to be square? Springfield Lumber will find a solution that fits your product’s specific requirements

Round Pallets

Springfield Lumber also sells a variety of industrial maintenance material, including:

  • Acoustic Materials
  • Doors and Moldings in both Wood and Metal
  • Abrasives, and More.

In addition to our one-of-a-kind customed manufactured products. we also take pride in offering:

  • Fire Treated Lumber & Plywood
  • Full Dimension Timbers
  • FAS Grade Hardwoods
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