Pioneer Steel Doors

For more than 75 years Pioneer has taken pride in manufacturing market-proven products for the construction industry. They are driven by family business values like “work hard”, “listen to the custome”, “understand their needs” and “always deliver on time” .

Pioneer Industries is owned and operated by seasoned door and hardware professionals who believe long-term success is a result of customer loyalty earned through an unwavering commitment to provide the finest quality products and services. Because of this philosophy, Springfield Lumber proudly and whole heartedly recommends the Pioneer line of doors and frames for your next construction project.

For a sample of their quality work, check out Pioneer’s innovative CH series of Seamless Honeycomb core doors,
and click here to visit Pioneer’s website to see much more.

The Pioneer seamless Series CH honeycomb, Series CHP styrene or Series CHT urethane core construction have continuously welded edge seams which have long been the preference on quality architectural projects. This continuous welding process provides the structural integrity of a fully welded door with the attractive appearance of a completely seamless exterior. This exclusive automatic process assures full weld penetration resulting in a totally positive joint.

Generally for use as an exterior door to prevent heat loss, the Series CHP styrene core produces a U-factor of 0.14 and the Series CHT urethane construction, a factor of 0.09. Such efficiency is also of great value in applications where the control of air-conditioned environment is critical. The styrene and urethane cores provide an excellent level of sound retardation. The core elements of the Series CH honeycomb, Series CHP styrene and Series CHT urethane provide a high degree of support for the door skin to resist facial impact damage and assures an exceptionally flat door. Phenolic resin impregnated Series CH honeycomb core, with 1” hexagonal cells is permanently bonded to both door faces, and is suitable for interior or exterior applications.

Series CH, CHP and CHT doors are available in 1 ¾” thickness, in virtually any size, with preparations of all common hardware. Standard CH, CHP and CHT doors are reversible, to fit either right or left hand and are reinforced for application of surface applied door closers.

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